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Project Description
A simple RSS Reader for Windows Phone 7. I made it for the Microsoft DFW Unified Communications User Group to have an "official" Window Phone 7 App.

This is the Source Code for the Microsoft DFW Unified Communications User Group ( News Windows Phone 7 App. It's a simple RSS reader that pulls an XML feed off a webserver. I'll add more features as time permits.

This code is free as in beer, use it however you like, I hope it's helpful for someone. I myself mostly cobbled this together from various examples and guides for WP7. One site I should definately give credit to is the tutorial on this page, much of the code is from that tutorial. If you make any enhancements, contact me and I'll add them in.

One thing I noticed from looking at many examples out there are based on the pre-release version of the Windows Phone 7 dev stuff and won't work anymore, due to changes from beta to release. This is based on the latest (as of June 2011) WP7 dev kit and runs in both the emulator and my phone.

This is in the Marketplace as a free app and is available here :


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